The ties that bind humans to animals

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Module: Pathologie
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Defining Zoonoses
Causes of Zoonoses
Disease Reservoirs
From One Species to Another: Host Specificity, Species Jumps, Barriers, Filters, and Other Concerns
From Exposure to Infection
Diagnosis and Screening
Course of Infection

History and Dynamics of Zoonoses
Historical Forces Behind Zoonoses
Transmission of Zoonoses
Major Zoonoses by Host Taxon

Some examples of zoonoses
Bacterial Zoonoses and Antimicrobial Resistance
Zoonotic Protozoa and Worms
Viral Zoonoses
Prion Zoonoses

Preventing and Living with Zoonoses
Prevention and Treatment at the Individual Scale
Promoting Veterinary Public Health at the Collective Scale

Limiting Zoonosis Emergence: a Collective Global Responsibility
Lessons from the Anthropocene
Defining Zoonosis Emergence
Detecting New Zoonoses
Are Zoonoses Becoming More Frequent ?
Role of Biodiversity
Role of Farm Animals and Pets
Land Use Change
Climate Change

Conclusions: What Comes Next ?

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